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Simple Ways to Block Your ATM Card

by Mark Zoe
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Every ATM card user must understand how to disable an ATM card in an emergency, such as in a crisis. Once your ATM card has forgotten, stolen, or lost, you can block it. Companies may also ban ATM cards if they suspect fraud or card credentials have leaked or compromised to prevent unlawful transactions.

There seem to be various methods to request that your bank disable your ATM card. We have included a list of them below. Therefore, before you look for an ATM machines for sale, let’s know the ways.

For ATM Card Blocking, Contact Your Bank.

All banks give customer service numbers (most of which are toll-free). Another of the services offered is the blocking of ATM cards. Pre-recorded instructions can take you through the process of blocking your card. You must enter your credit card information.

When completed, you will notice your registered phone or email address through SMS. The ATM NYC customer service representative may assign and link to you for additional assistance. It’s to check that the card’s legitimate owner has made the request for an ATM card block.

Net banking ATM Card Blocking

When you use internet banking, navigate to the section where you can view the data of all active cards. Or this is where you may disable an ATM card. You would require confirming further authentication using an OTP or your net-banking account’s profile password.

When completed, you will notify of a successful ATM card block. And a ticket number will show on your screen. Once you click on it, you will prompt re-confirmation so that the card has not blocked even if touched inadvertently.

SMS-Based ATM Card Blocking

Companies provide SMS banking services. They allow you to request an ATM card block by sending an SMS to the bank’s number in a certain format. Here, you’ll get a confirmation message that includes the ticket number, date, and time of the ATM card banning.

Branch of a Bank

Anyone may always go to the local bank branch and use the ATM card issued by the bank with that they have an account. Bankers will quickly assist you in blocking your card.

When Would You Want To Disable An ATM Card?

In bad conditions, you will need to ban an ATM card. It’s when you’re unable to locate a missing ATM card. Somebody else might find it and utilize it. This is when an unlawful internet payment or ATM cash withdrawal occurs.

Please contact the bank when you have not completed this transaction from your account. Blocking a Debit ATM card will save you money. It’s because a blocked card cannot use for ATM cash withdrawal, transfer, or PIN change. 

The Bottom Line

Prevent the bother of having your ATM card blocked by keeping it safe and not sharing any personal bank or card information with anybody.

Yet, if in doubt, get the ATM card banned right once to avoid financial losses. Reset your ATM PIN every 3-6 months to preserve card security. Then you also must understand how to unlock your credit card.

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