What Things You Should Avoid Applying On Your Face

There are a plethora of beauty tricks for a beautiful face on the internet! Do you, however, believe all you read? While some products provide immediate effects, they might be harmful in the long run.

Hence, if you’re wondering whether a certain product or component is beneficial for your facial skin, read this page. Therefore, before you look for hormone imbalance treatment, let’s start! Learn everything to know about what you should avoid putting on your face and why.


Some DIY face scrubs have sugar as a component. It can be harsh to the skin when it has excellent exfoliating properties. Skin irritation, redness, and dryness may result from use.

If not used carefully, sugar can produce scrapes that form micro-tears in your skin. While applying sugar to your face, be gentle.

Hot Water

Hot water should not use to wash your face, just as it should not be used to wash your hair. Directly applying hot water to your face will dehydrate your skin, leaving it dry and drab. This may result in a burn. For face steam treatment, use lukewarm water.

It’ll also assist in opening up your skin pores and loosening debris for better washing. This also softens and makes blackheads and whiteheads easier to remove.


This is high in Vitamin C, is beneficial to one’s health. However, rubbing raw lemon slices or lemon juice on your face may do more damage than good.

Psoralen, a molecule present in lemon, makes your skin light sensitive. As a result, stepping out in the sun after using lemon may irritate your skin. A chemical burn may also occur as a result of this.

Baking Soda

It’s a versatile component that may use for various purposes. Because of its versatility, you may have used it to treat acne as well. On the other hand, baking soda is alkaline and may disrupt your skin’s pH balance.

Your skin’s pH level protects it from germs and infectious diseases. Breakouts may occur if your normal pH has altered. Avoid applying baking soda to your face.


To eliminate grime and excess oil, you clean your face with soap or face wash. However, you cannot afford to lose the natural oils that keep your skin moisturized throughout this procedure.

Take the recommendations of skin experts and apply a face wash or mild cleanser on your face. Sanitizers strip your skin’s natural oils, leaving it dry, harsh, and irritated.

Coconut Oil

Some people with oily skin should avoid using coconut oil. Coconut oil is a wonderful carrier oil that has been used in much DIY hair and facial therapies. However, it takes time for it to absorb into your skin.

Coconut oil will clog your skin pores if you already have oily skin. This will eventually result in a breakout of acne. If you can’t live without face oil, try a tiny bit of olive oil.

Hair Sprays

Using hairspray to set your makeup might harm your skin. Hair spray contains alcohol, which depletes the skin’s hydration level. Over time, your skin will become dry, drab, and aged. Hair sprays can include a variety of additional chemicals that can irritate the skin and cause rashes. If you feel any symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men then you need to consult with a hormone specialist.