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How Healthcare Workers Should Avoid Infections at Work

by Mark Zoe
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Below are the tips to avoid disease for healthcare workers.

1. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

It is very important to wash your hand thoroughly after every time a patient has visited or you come out from your clinic. No matter if the patient has come for just a normal checkup or he does not show sign of any diseases, washing hands is still very important when begin doing something else like using medical records storage system. You never know which patient is suffering from which disease which cannot be seen apparently so better safe than sorry. It is advised to rub your hands, the palm, fingernails and between fingers thoroughly for at least 15 seconds once you have checked a patient.

2. Put on Your Gloves When on Duty


This will prevent you to come in contact with any fluid of human body or the secretions that may happen in hospitals and clinics. As the human body liquids are subjected to blood borne pathogens when comes in contact with another human body. This may cause infections as the bacteria and viruses may travel from blood stream into your body. So it is always recommended to put your gloves on during a patient visit to be on safer side.

3. Don’t Forget to Wear Face Mask During a Visit or Checkup


It is equally important as wearing gloves during a checkup or visit to any ward. It is because many diseases and viruses can travel through nose and mouth through breathing process. So it is highly recommended to wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth properly when you are involved in checkup of any patient. Since sneezing and coughing are the key factors to spread diseases easily in hospital sites and germs can travel up to 3 feet or more, make sure to keep on your mask even when you are on a visit to see the patients in any ward.

4. Be Alert While Disposing Off Used Sharp Equipment


We know sitting at a chair and handling medical records storage system is easy. But sharp equipment like injections, scalpels, razors, fine needles and other such objects which are frequently used in hospitals and clinics are highly infectious so be alert during disposing them off in the bin. Never put them anywhere around you to dispose them off later on as such scenarios leads to dangerous accidents very often in hospital sites. Make sure to throw them in the bin properly and in covered condition so it does not harm anyone else in later stages as well.

5. Get Important Shots/Vaccines Before Joining Workplace


Make sure to get all your necessary shots done which are due before joining your workplace as this may harm you badly. This is necessary even for people managing medical records storage with cloud based PACS. So, it is not something to be ignored easily as when you have not taken your due shots, you are highly prone to catch those diseases which are easily available in hospital sites to welcome you whole heartedly. And even if your due shots are all done but still you need to get yourself checked for frequent viruses in patients you might receive at your workplace. This will assure your safety while on duty and you can also save others in this way too.

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