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Beginner’s Guide To Body Parts under the Hood Of Your Car

by Mark Zoe
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When you open the hood of your car it might look complicated with all the things that are crammed in there. However daunting it seems you can understand the components under the hood. It may seem daunting but trust me, you don’t need to be a master mechanic to understand what’s going on.

Knowing your car is essential, especially because it can make maintenance and check-ups much easier on you. This can also save you a pretty penny in repairs and replacement. So, the following will be a list of body parts and their basic overview.


So, the engine is usually the big thing in the middle. All of the parts revolve around the engine and this you can say is the heart of the car.


This is one of the biggest and important part of the car. The transmission is usually placed under everything else. It isn’t usually visible from the top. But you may be able to see the red dipstick if your car is has automatic transmission.


You will find the radiator at the center of the car in front of your car’s grille. This body part is used to regulate the engine temperature. You should know that the radiator also gets extremely hot so never try to handle it without cooling your car off for a couple of hours.

Radiators usually have a fan in between the engine and itself which it uses to cool the engine. You can usually see that the radiator is connected to a hose which in turn leads to a plastic overflow bag. This is another visible component you can see under the hood of a car.

A/C Compressor, Alternator, Power Steering Pump and Water Pump

Well I have chosen to talk about these parts together as more often or not these are controlled by the same belt. The engine powers all the parts here and they in turn controls your car’s accessory systems. These are parts that you need to check in your regular maintenance. You can easily find discount body parts online if you do need them so make sure you do adequate research on the market before buying any of these parts.

Brakes And Stuff

You can find a metal drum looking assembly on the back wall of the engine compartment closest to the driver seat. These are your car’s brake booster, master cylinder and fluid reservoir. It basically looks like a metal drum which has a pipe bolted on the center with a container on top. It’s hard miss.


Located in of the corners of your car’s engine compartment is the battery. The plastic box with two metal cables bolted to it is the battery I am talking about.

Windshield Wiper Fluid Reservoir

This body part looks like a jug, to be honest. But do not confuse it with the radiator coolant overflow container. They are two different parts.


So these are the basic body parts you need to know for regular maintenance and repairs. These will come in handy when you are making repairs as well. Make sure you have a handle on the parts you buy. You can find auto body parts wholesale store that even sell to consumers. They offer great pricing and discounts so check them out before getting any parts.

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