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A Comparison of Magento & OpenCart Platforms

by Mark Zoe
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For your business site, it’s not so easy to choose a platform with the most advantages. You’ll find some pros and cons in every platform that available in the market. It’s because it’s tough and somehow may be confusing to choose the right platform for your online store. But, you’ll find magento developers Melbourne is always working hard to find out the solutions to your issues. Besides, OpenCart is also going in the same way that Magento is going so it’s time to decide which one is yours. That’s why we’re here with this content to make a comparison of these two platforms. As a result, you should continue reading the entire content so that you can get the points of these two. Well, let’s get some comparative points of Magento & OpenCart.


With a big user base in mind, both of the talking platforms were designed. When all two platforms are perfect for big or small enterprise owners, you should know which one is able to give you more for your business. It’s important to you that if OpenCart is a better platform, you’ll not find it‘s coming very close to the magneto’s features. This platform usually has been designed for the large entrepreneurs so you can scale your business from a small cater to the large online businesses. If you’re dealing with the site that has a lot of traffic, then magneto can handle them well than any other one.

Inventory Management


As it comes with many features, it gets the ability to make a large inventory. You know your brick and mortar store need inventory, in the same way; your online stores need it as well. Also, you might have loads of database of products with hundreds of pages that you need to handle in your website. In this case, magneto can handle them well than any other one if you’re dealing with the site that has a lot of pages to do inventory.


If you have some essential extensions, you’ll get some extra features to avoid shipping with the platform. Also, they’re a much more essential part of your business if you like to offer some extra functions to your buyers. Things are going aside to Magento as it has a bigger library of extensions to provide their users. If we say specifically, you’ll be able to find almost all types of extensions that you need to run your online shop.


Powerful SEO Resources

When we talk about the useful options of SEO part of these two, they’re great for your sites’ SEO. That’s why you’re able to optimize your online store in both platforms and they’re superior SEO play. It means that both of them are SEO friendly and Magento leads at this feature over any others as well if you can utilize this platform with the best Magento development Sydney services. It easily plays a good role to improve your titles and other essential things that you need for your business site. So, you’ll find Magento is a winner all of these mean when it comes to SEO or any other issues.

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