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Tips to Magento Developers for Writing Maintainable Code

by Mark Zoe
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If you’re working in a team or in some other ways where was needed to maintain other person’s code, you know well how vital it is to write the code in a maintainable way. In fact, it’s necessarily not for other people’s code at all if you need to modify your previous and year-old-code.  It’s because you might forget their details already and you may find it hard to read and modify as well. That’s why it’s very much essential for you and all coders to write their code at the way that you and they can maintain it years later. In this topic, you’ll find so many articles, but we like to just mention some of the new things with some easy stating tips. It’s the things that we always need to get practice for you and your junior interns.

Well, let’s know some tips to Magento developer Sydney so that you can write maintainable code.

Maintain Your Coding Standards

Anytime you do some works, you should try to maintain some standards of coding to make the coding style consistent. For example, when you like to work with the framework, you have to stick with some coding standards for this work. But, if you’re not able to go this way, you should talk about this issue with your team member to make things easier. And you’re reading this as you’re most likely to be working with Magneto and you should read what your official documentation says about it in this case.

Write Important Comments

As you know everybody has learned about code comments that they usually like to read and use. But, you have to know how many times these comments are useful to use as you’re in this work. For us, we experience that they resemble something most frequently. For example, the first line is “//we multiply it by 3” and the second line is “$result = $firstNumber * 3;” In this work, we have multiplied it by 3, but there is nothing here in this code as obvious. Now, the questions are that for what reason we did it and why we did it now, why 3. In this case, you should remember one rule that you should get reminded about this, “Codes tell you how as well as comments tell you why”. So, you should write important comments as they make a good sense later on.


Use No Function with Many Parameters

In many or almost all cases it means that you need a single entry point for suppose to maintain so many edge cases, but sometimes it required in simple. In fact, it’s actually not good because if you modify something in any part that may make issues for other parts. In the same way, it has the possibility to don’t covering your tests when you use too many parameters in your code. That’s why you should consider avoiding to use a lot of them at the time when you write code for any project.

You need to get better understanding about all these facts and terms of website development, you can consult with an ecommerce web design company who have specialized ability to develop websites on Magento platform.

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