What You Should Know About Different Types Of MRIs


We know the term MRI very widely than its full form of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It uses some different things like magnet and radio waves with a computer to generate images. The images are taken from the inner parts of your body and some other structures as well.

It’s such a type of test that physicians use to find out different kinds of health issues. But, it’s a bit different thing, unlike CT scans or X-rays. It’s because these two things expose the patients’ body parts using lower doses of radiation.

But, MRI works differently and it uses to get images of any parts of our body. However, usually, it uses to check the nervous system and soft tissues of our body.

You have learned a bit in reply to the question: what is an open MRI. Let’s know more about different types of MRI with the below topics.

Type of MRI Tests

As you already know, MRI works a bit differently and it uses to get images of any parts of the inner body. Also, your healthcare provider or doctor likes to order an MRI test if they suspect you have issues with kidneys, livers, breasts, pancreas, ovaries, or prostate.

Like different types of parts in our body, there are different types of MRI tests as well. These include Functional MRI, Cardiac MRI, and MRI of the Breast.

Moreover, there are also more types of MRIs such as Magnetic Resonance Venography, Non-Contrast MRA, and Open, High-Field MRI. Below are more details about them:

Functional MRI

When it comes to the Functional MRI or FMR, it involves the tests of your brain activity. It uses to find out the possible issues and their locations and diagnoses a possible stroke as well.

Besides, some doctors also order it to map your brain when they feel the need. To delete tumors or epilepsy, it’s important to perform a brain mapping. Also, it uses for surgery of the brain.

Cardiac MRI

Because of producing the details images of your heart, a cardiac open advanced MRI is the best way so far. A physician wants to order this MRI to find out your heart’s condition. It helps them to make a treatment plan for you according to the condition of your heart.

Apart from the heart, it also helps to test the blood vessels around the heart. The doctor uses all gathered information to know the heart’s function and treat accordingly.

Breast MRI

If a patient is at a higher risk of breast cancer, he/ she is a candidate for breast MRI. Doctors can order an MRI-based breast’s needle biopsy while it’s a procedure of non-invasive.

Finding the location of possible tumors and the progression is the main reason for breast MRI. That means it helps them to identify whether the patient has breast cancer and its management.

This is the best way to diagnose breast cancer these days so far than any other way. It also shows the progress of the issue that’s helpful to make the proper treatment plan for the patient.