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What Are the Improvements in Doctors That Patients Truly Need?

by Mark Zoe
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1. Respect and Active Listening

Of course when a patient visits you, he/she definitely have some medical problem and they want you to listen to their concerns in detail and suggest the best solution for that. Unfortunately, many doctors show rude behavior and only prescribe medicines or precautions without communicating anything. This shows a little bit of disrespect to the patients who also don’t get satisfied with their session with you. No matter how much successful doctor you are, be always polite and respectful towards your patients because they are the ones who make you reach on top.

2. Eye Contact

Patients become more comfortable when doctors make eye contact with them during consultation and not remain busy in writing prescription to wrap up the session quickly. Obviously they have paid the consultation fees so they want you to listen to them carefully. When doctors talk to their patients in details by making eye contact, they get a feeling of trust and satisfaction for that doctor. From time to time, you can also use DICOM player free download to show them their reports.

3. Use of Friendly Tone in Their Language

Not everyone is familiar with medical language and it is confusing for patients when doctors talk to them in their medical language. Use an easy language which can make patients easily understand about the situation instead of making them more curious about their condition. Be it medicines or the situation of their medical problem, speak to patients in their language to make things easier and understandable.

4. Understanding and Connection

It is not that easy to understand each and every patient as you might have to face a dozens of patients in course of one day but it is a very important factor for patients. When you feel the treatment is going to be longer, be a little bit more friendly with them and try to connect to them in a good doctor-patient relationship. Try to understand their concerns in details and give them time to explain about their fears. Ultimately patients are going to depend on your suggestions and prescriptions and be open with your patients before jumping to any conclusion.


5. Collaboration

You have to convert your doctor-patient relationship into more of a partnership than a relationship. It is because you both are going to solve a problem together where trust, cooperation and communication are very important factors. You have to collaborate with your patients to make decisions together so as to convince your patients what you are saying is right and in the best interest for them. It is very difficult nowadays when most of the people already check about their condition online and are least interested to listen that they could be wrong. Despite of years of experience and high qualification, you have to convince your patients to trust you and you are equally interested to collaborate with them. Get help from tools like free DICOM viewer.

6. Reference of Other Doctors

It is not always the case that you are the right option for your patients, and they need to see some other doctors. They trust you so they visited you. Your responsibility in that case should be to refer some other good doctors which can solve their problems.

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