What Are the Basic Types of Home Additions I Can Do?

1. House Addition

A conventional house addition basically involves the addition of a room or structure to the house, which may be built on the side, normally open for the main house. If the addition is well made, with time not only it blends but also becomes the house itself. Depending on one’s needs and requirements, the addition can vary in types such as dining room, family room, and guest room, etc.

In rare cases, the addition may come in the form of a kitchen, but that only happens if an apartment is in question. Even though such additions do not come cheap, but they provide significant value in return. House addition is a lengthy process, therefore, while you plan to get it done, you also have to deal with permits, contractors and wiring etc.

2. Room Addition

Room addition, which normally is also known as bump out, is an addition in terms of a room, made at the side of a house for a single purpose, such as a bedroom or bathroom. In some cases, it can also simply increase the size of a single room, in a house already existing. Then again, depending on what you desire, room additions can be done for multiple purposes.

If someone for instance has love for cooking and wants to make a small kitchen island, the kitchen then can be expanded accordingly and if someone wants space for socializing and hanging out with friends, then they can also expand a dining area, to make it more spacious. There is no doubt that such additions are cheaper than conventional, but they are not even that cheap. You are still involving inspectors, permits and codes.

After home additions, do use a Palm Beach county junk hauling service to remove all the debris.

3. Sunroom

Sunrooms are basically made with intentions to usually supplement a living area. With the help of doors, the sunrooms can be closed off from the main part of the house. Sunrooms differ from conventional additions in the sense that they are normally made from aluminum, prefabricated materials, and thermal resistant glass. Sunrooms cannot be considered as an alternative to conventional additions, as they are comparatively smaller in size.

Sunrooms actually are not used as sleeping areas or watching television etc. Such rooms do not see the installation of bathrooms in them. Since they are not considered permanent living additions, hence they are not used for purposes that a conventional addition is used for.

4. Garage Conversion

Garage conversions involve garages be turned into living rooms. By adding ceilings, solid walls and replacing the floors, you can make up considerable space for living rooms. Since garages have all the basic things that a normal addition would have as well, for instance, basic structure, windows, and ceiling, etc. It is comparatively easier to convert but the main issue is about blending it aesthetically with the rest of the house.

You need to consider installing proper plumbing and HVAC. One thing that should be kept in mind is that houses without garages fend low resale value, therefore, think hard before doing such additions. Also, you should be hiring a junk hauling Miami service for getting rid of the debris and junk.