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Tips to Replace Your Exterior Door

by Mark Zoe
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While having a drafty and worn front door, you might be thinking to replace it with a new and stylish one. When it comes to the replacement door, they have pre-hung along with a weather-stripped frame.

So, you neither need to become an expert carpenter nor calling some home remodeling companies to perform a top-class job. Throughout this post, we’ll share some simple tips that will enable you to replace your exterior door.

As you’ll be able to accomplish the task within a weekend, it’ll save some money. At the same time, you’ll improve the look of your home dramatically by the home interior painting services. What you have to do just continue reading to know the entire process.

Do A Perfect Measurement

The first thing is you have to order the new door at the same measurement as your old one. It’s because you’ll need to reframe alter and the opening many details if you change add sidelights or the size. This will make your job double to triple.

Before you order a door, you’ll have to get the measurements of four main things. These include door size, jamb width, rough opening, and exterior opening. Door size measurement requires the height and width of the door. In the same way, do the job for other said parts.

Remove Your Old Door

Use hammer plus nail set to hit-making loose of the hinge pins and swing your door open to lift it off. When it comes to protect your floor, use a dropcloth because the old door is usually very heavy. Drag the nails throughout the flipside with a nipper or pliers if you want to use again the internal moldings.

While cutting through one side jamb, it’ll make easy to remove the entire frame. Check the subflooring and framing condition in the sill spot after taking out the door frame. You should increase the sill spot if it’s on your fresh door is skinnier than your old one.

Get Ready the Sill

Prepare the sill area of the door properly at its height with delighted lumber. Before you fasten it with covered deck screws, add shims to make it level. If you’re lucky, you’ll find your brick opening level and plumbed. For a trial fit, set the door in its opening.

While holding a level next to the hinge jamb, regulate the frame and door until the jamb gets plumb. Make sure to observe how the covering fits beside the siding. You either reduce the siding or neat the casing if the sidings are outside of plumb that the casing and door frame don’t fit in.

Set The Prehung Door

In this step, you’ll have to use a polyurethane caulk bead in the door sides as has said to the directions. Now, you might need 2 tubes and ensure the paper of the building is intact the framing edges. Caulk down the sill plus behind the casing with the door tip into its opening when you’re confident the door surely will fit rightly.

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