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Tips for Managing Your Multiple Sites On WordPress

by Mark Zoe
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WordPress and its themes along with the plugins are always changing. Particularly plugins are continuously getting tweaked as there is a limitation of WordPress (WP) updates. And it’s some times in a year with the updates along with the latest bug fixing and security release.

You’ll always find the potential of some new things whenever the updates come. But, plugins don’t come with the regular updates that hinder the speed and functionalities of your site.

Thus it can make your site worse notwithstanding you’re a Magento developer Sydney or some others. While keeping this in mind, we’re here with some tips that will help you manage your WP sites effectively.

Keep Backups

No matter you manage a single WP site or the number is 100, always ensure the backups of your sites. You’ll find loads of plugins that are also free of cost and will help you to backup the database of your sites and file system.

As a web design Melbourne professional, you’ll be able to run the plugins according to how often the content of your site changes. For example, you may find something is going wrong regarding the security or update issue. So, it’ll make your glad to use backup for the stability of your sites.

Create a Plan

Preferably, you like to use a dashboard with the all-in-one option to update your multiple sites using a single dashboard. You’ll find this feature in the ‘Jetpack’ plugin that also offers some third party services such as ManageWP. These are great solutions because you’ll get whatever you need in this tool, everything in a single pack.

As a result, you’ll be able to save some time rather than login manually to all of your sites. You’ll like to get your hands on a schedule that allows you to keep your site well-run while using a combined dashboard. It’s significant to ensure you have the lot frequently updated on whether you like to update your tools right away or do it for your few sites every day.

Do Some Homework

It could be tricky to know continuously what’s happening on the sites you manage. But, you’re able to look at the changelog of a plugin before you press the update button. It’s very real when you have a Woo Commerce site plugin. If you don’t fix the important security issues, you need to install it as soon as possible.

This is also a great thing to get new releases some days to check whether it has any more bugs. If you have the issues, you can check the forums for the best support and that will save you lots of headaches.  Moreover, you can think about using staging surroundings for safe test updates.

Use Just Reputable Themes & Plugins

You’ll find readily available loads of free themes and plugins. It doesn’t mean you should use any of them. You just go with the reputable one and have a lot of happy users with positive reviews. Even if the plugins or themes are very old like two years ago built, you can use them as they get regular updates.

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