The Great Summer Jacket Debate: Polyester vs Cotton

best hooded fleece women's jacket
hooded fleece women's jacket

As a long-time lover of stylish and functional hooded fleece women’s jacket, I’ve tested my fair share of materials in the pursuit of the perfect summer jacket.

Cotton and polyester rise to the top as the most common options, but each has their own advantages and disadvantages.


First and foremost, you want a summer jacket material that breathes well and prevents overheating.

Here, cotton pulls ahead as the winner. The natural fibers allow more air flow and wick moisture away from your skin more effectively.

Polyester tends to trap heat and can feel suffocating on really hot days.

I’ll never forget wearing my polyester hoodie to an outdoor music festival on a 95 degree day.

I was miserable and drenched in sweat within minutes. My 100% cotton jacket remains light and airy even in sweltering heat.

best hooded fleece women's jacket
best hooded fleece women's jacket

Weather Resistance

However, polyester excels in weather resistance. It holds up better than cotton when faced with rain, wind, and humidity.

Cotton absorbs moisture easily, which can leave you feeling damp and chilled when the weather takes a turn.

I always pack a lightweight polyester jacket when I’m traveling in the summer.

It keeps me comfortable in air conditioning and provides an extra layer for coastal breezes or summer storms. I rely on my trusty cotton jacket for dry, hot days closer to home.


Polyester is generally more durable than cotton as well. It retains its shape over time and resists fading, shrinkage, and pilling.

My oldest polyester jacket still looks great after 5 years of use. Cotton tends to wear out and show signs of aging more rapidly.

However, I don’t mind a broken-in, vintage look for my casual cotton jackets. It adds to the character!

Soft, pre-worn cotton feels cozy from the first wear while slick polyester needs more time to conform to your body.

Cost and Maintenance

Polyester jackets tend to cost less than natural fiber cotton options. Polyester is cheaper to manufacture and you can find excellent budget-friendly styles.

Basic cotton jackets generally start at a mid-range price point.

Cotton can also require more care. It may shrink if dried improperly and wrinkles easily.

Polyester is wash-and-wear simple, retaining its fit and shape through repeated laundering.

The Verdict: It Depends!

So which is better for summer, polyester or cotton? In the end, it depends on your specific needs and preferences!

Pay attention to the forecast if you’ll encounter rain. Prioritize breathability for hot, dry weather or durable performance for an active vacation.

Personally, I think every woman needs both a trusted cotton jacket and a polyester option in her closet for summer.

Variety is the spice of life, even in your wardrobe! With the right information, you can confidently shop for a summer jacket tailored to your lifestyle.

Stay cool and stylish this season.