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Quantity of Wine You Need For a Dinner Party Presently

by Mark Zoe
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Throwing great dinner parties can be a lot of fun and a lot of stress. One of the most stressful aspects is determining how much wine you’ll need to get on hand. You don’t run out during the party.

How can you even begin to calculate how many bottles you need to have enough wine for all of your guests? You can’t know how many glasses your guests will drink if you’re not psychic.

When you are, you can skip to another article because you have already solved this problem. So, before you look for engraved party favors, let’s begin!

First Step: Quantity of Glasses Is In a Bottle of Wine

Every regular-sized bottle of wine contains 750 ml or 25 oz. A typical glass holds about 5 oz. That equates to 5 glasses for every bottle. But, most people have a heavy-handed pour at parties. So, to be safe, plan on four glasses of wine per bottle rather than five.

Second Step: Number of Glasses Does the Average Person Drink

According to a California vineyard that hosts dinner party functions; most people have a glass of wine before dinner, two with the meal, and one after.

Recall your first-grade math skills, and you’ll see that equals four glasses of wine per person or one bottle of wine. That’s where you’ll begin. That would also be your ending point for most dinner parties.

You’d buy one bottle for each person, plus one or two extras just in case. And the night would be a success. You can begin shopping for wine right now. You can also buy custom engraved wine bottles.

Third Step: Go Out & Make Us Proud

Though not knowing how much wine to buy for your dinner party was your last excuse before hosting it, you are officially out of excuses. Invite your friends to dinner via text message. Shop for great wine with confidence you’re getting enough for your party.

Remember to personalize the labels so that your guests know you purchased the wine specifically for them. Follow these steps, and you’ll be ready to host an epic, wine-filled dinner party that your friends will be talking about for weeks.

Fourth Step: Easy Calculation

If, on the other hand, you’re hosting your book club for dinner and you’ve seen firsthand how much these ladies adore their wine, you might need a slightly different equation to figure out how many bottles to purchase.

You know Amy hasn’t read a single page of any of the books your group has discussed. Girlfriend comes solely for the wine and company. This is primarily the wine.

Calculate how much wine to buy for a group of serious wine lovers isn’t much more difficult than calculating how much wine to buy for average drinkers, but the math may be closer to third grade rather than first grade.

That’s all. Here’s an example of if math wasn’t your strongest subject, even in third grade. You have eight guests coming to your party, and you anticipate that each will consume six glasses of wine.

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