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Learn Your Manners: Top Limo Etiquette Tips

by Mark Zoe
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Imagine you have a big event coming up just next month. It can be your birthday, wedding, prom night, a particular party, a business meeting, a bachelor party, or only just a big night out of the town. In the presence of your friends and loved one, you have planned out a perfect evening and reserved at an exclusive restaurant. What is the only thing that is missing? Reliable transportation!

Limos are the second most requested vehicles for business clients meeting. It is the most convenient solution for transportation for many. However, people also rent Limos for fun purposes. There are some general rules and regulations and some standard etiquettes to follow while experiencing a limo service.

In this article, we will cover both the legal rules and the behavioral etiquette to maintain. So, before searching for a limo bus rental near me, learn these etiquettes for a safe, smooth, and enjoyable ride.

Legal Regulation and Laws

Legal regulations and laws are the same for both limo services and other party bus services. Remember, you are not expected to remain quiet in a limo ride. Simply, some obvious behaviors actually go against the law when using a limo:

  • You are not permitted to protrude or hang out your head, body, hands, thighs, feet, or back outside of the window or opening of any sort in a party bus or limousine.
  • No tossing of the trash is allowed, whether in motion or at a stop, from the limousine or party bus at any moment.
  • Alcohol is allowed in limousines and party buses, ensuring anyone concerned is of legal age. The limo rental company must know about liquor on board.
  • Any sort of illegal drugs is prohibited.
  • Health, Safety, and Security! This can never be emphasized enough. Any conduct that may seem to yourself or others as unsafe is not appropriate. It could end up with the cessation of programs. Everybody needs to get home safely, so keep this in mind at all times.

As with any services you consume, make sure you abide by all the laws.

Take Care of the Limo

Most high-end luxury bus rental services go to great lengths to provide the latest model vehicle in their customers’ most excellent condition. They invest a lot in maintaining.

So, it is essential to return the vehicle the same way to the company as it was. So, do not stand on the seats, and do not get too rowdy on the bus.

It is also an easy way to create a good relationship with the company. Maybe, they offer you a discount next time!

Keep The Company Informed

Before booking in advance, let the company know your needs and demands. If you want to stop anywhere, let the driver know. Also, confirm the guest number beforehand.

In case of anything changes, inform the company and ask if it is alright. Expect professionalism only when you act professionally!

Entering and Exiting Etiquettes

Limos typically have a VIP seat. Usually, the person for whom the occasion is seated on the VIP seat. They are the focus. So, let them sit at their spot.

The backward-facing seats are called “jump seats.” These are the most uncomfortable seats. Enter your limousine by sitting quickly, then bring your legs and slide down. Without doing so, it will give the already seated passengers a view of your rear end.

And always remember, ladies will enter first. It does not matter if the chauffeur holds the door or not; keep the door for them.

While exiting, the chauffeur will open the door for you—no need to hasten. Let the chauffeur help you to get down. The last person to enter will be the first person to exit. Take a look at the vehicle before getting out so that nothing is left out.

Do Not Damage

Limos are generally luxury vehicles. There is an arrangement for comfortable seating, a unique bar, entertainment, and so on. However, these are typically fragile. To avoid damaging anything so that you do not get extra charged.

Tipping & Gratuity

You can tip your driver in check or cash. The amount should be 15 to 20 percent of your base bill. Remember, your drivers do an adequate amount of behind the scene to make your experience comfortable and remember worthy. So, show them respect with your attitude.

Keep these tips in mind before renting a limousine for your work or special occasion. By following these simple etiquettes, you can arrange a journey that everyone will remember.

Enjoy the ride!

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