Know About the Possible Costs of a New PACS

As a PACS user, you know that it has a maximum life of use that ranges from seven to ten years. So, if you’re in this range and going to expire soon, you have to make a new budget for a new and latest PACS integrated with the DICOM cloud storage. When it was the 2000s, it was very expensive to use and static as well.

That means the system was available just about exclusively within your facility with fixed storage space. If you have bought the solution form a vendor or a company, you might be feeling happy that your choice is very “smart.” But, you might not ware that while the time you have bought it, there are many changes and upgrades in the digital medical imaging world.

It doesn’t matter you use paid or free DICOM viewer for Mac, but the costs of the new PACS has been changed widely. This is why we’re with this post that will make you able to know how the costs have changed.

Old PACS Costs

The changes have made in many ways in the last decade. Over time, the cloud has taken the place of the most trusted part of the modern infrastructure of computing. Drastically, the price of its data storage has decreased.

Before 2016, the disk storage price of a single terabyte is around $1200 that can store up about 10,000 MRI studies. But, currently, this price has come down around $20 for the same storage space.

You can compare it with the computer monitors that have been more flatten but have increased its resolution. As the new inexpensive image viewing software has their functions, its characteristics of the solution have come out breaching the barrier of $1,000.

How an Older PACS Was

When you get the iPad in the market, you learn from your vendor how to use your tablet/smartphone to view your colleagues’ images. But, you get nothing from your vendor as they just said ‘the feature is coming soon.’

And when you get the feature, it was another gate of a large expense. After that, you have found some of your colleagues are sharing their studies. So, you called the vendor once again and asked them for the features.

At the previous way, they make the same delay. Then you’ll get information from someone about EHR that you can connect with PAC directly. And it displays images right away the medical records of your patients.

Changes Are Everywhere

The current PACS solution is a different thing. It has been extremely changed from its past predecessor. Also, the systems are easy to use and can run through the most available hardware setting. Moreover, you can use off your shelf software and simple to configure to connect with vendor’s systems.

As they’re cloud-based, they’re flexible to use when you need to study your patient records. You can go with the system from anywhere and at any time as long as you have a secured internet connection.