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Dogs are fascinating animals that have been domesticated for centuries by humans. They are famous for their intellect ability, loyalty, and friendship. On the other hand, some dogs are very lazy and disinterested in anything that does not involve eating food or a decent snooze.

That’s become a big issue for dogs, and most people who have a pet dog face this problem. Don’t worry if your dog is lazy; there are methods to teach them and make them active without using any equipment.

Here are some suggestions for training your slow dog without using any training supplies for dogs.

1. Begin with Brief Sessions

If your dog is used to being lazy, he doesn’t want to work hard for long periods, and you already know that because you have a lazy pet dog, right? As your dog becomes more used to the routine, start with shorter training sessions and gradually increase the amount of time.

2. Reward Your Dog with High-value Snacks

Use goodies that your dog likes while you’re just starting to warm up. This will increase his motivation to work for you, and motivation is very important to continue the training process unless your dog will feel tired and not start the training again. 

So, you may gradually reduce the goodies if he improves at obeying your orders.

3. Experiment with Different Instructions

There’s no need to use the standard orders of “sit,” “stay,” and “come because these are too old and normal.” Make your own orders that are more precise to what you want your dog to perform by being inventive. 

For Example, you can say to your dog, “Go to your place,” if you’re attempting to convince your dog to go from one side of the room to the other.

4. Make It Enjoyable

If dogs think something is interesting, they are more likely to want to do it. So make your workouts enjoyable for both of you; otherwise, your dog will sit in his place and observe you, but he will not move a bit. So what do you need to do? 

Yes, make your training session as enjoyable as you can. Use a cheerful tone of speech, lavish compliments, and maintain a pleasant environment.

5. Be Dependable

Consistency is key for dogs if you are trained or want to train your dog by yourself. So, make sure you’re following through with your training. You have to regularly train your dog unless your dog will never change their habit. 

So, consistency implies always giving the same orders in the same tone of voice. It also entails being consistent with your incentives. If you just provide well treat to your dog on occasion, or sometimes, your dog will have no idea when to expect things and will be less inclined to cooperate with you.

Final Words 

You can teach your slow dog without any equipment if you have little time and imagination. People don’t want to spend their money on buying any training supplies for dogs. It is okay because there are many ways to train dogs without any equipment. 

You just need to treat your dog politely, continue the consistency, and give them some time. Just make it brief, sweet, and enjoyable for both of you!

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