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How to Conduct a Virtual Office Get-Together?

by Mark Zoe
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You may be searching for methods to bring a little Christmas cheer to your remote coworkers this holiday season, whether you’re the chairman of the Party Planning Committee or a manager simply wanting to connect with your team.

Thankfully, online web conferencing software can host your events and bring your coworkers together in a virtual environment for great team-building activities! Here are some ideas on how you may utilize these platforms to spread Christmas joy among your coworkers this season.

Holiday Party

The Christmas celebration does not have to end just because you can’t meet in person. Create an event on your preferred web-based video conferencing solution that includes various activities for your colleagues across multiple Breakout Rooms, such as present wrapping sessions, cocktail courses, karaoke, trivia, or just a place to hang out and talk while sipping a glass of eggnog.

White Elephants

With a virtual white elephant gift exchange, you may continue the gift-giving tradition! To begin the game, have each team submit their present (through website URLs) to the organizer, who will then randomize the names and gifts? Once the event is finished, the organizer may order/ship presents to everyone.

We suggest giving gifts with a theme, such as “Gifts that brought you comfort during the epidemic for around $20.”

Pro tip: Get highly creative – and interactive – by creating virtual backdrops of each gift to show which items people have chosen (or stolen)! Send the appropriate virtual backdrop to everyone who has received a present so that everyone on the call knows which gift they have.

Virtual Santa

Encourage your team to engage in a volunteer initiative like Operation Santa, run by the US Postal Service. Online, you may examine children’s letters to Santa as a group and assist them in fulfilling their Christmas wish lists. Alternatively, set up a Zoom meeting with your team to write messages to these kids together or shop for their presents online.

Pro tip: Hold an in-meeting vote to decide which presents will be bought or utilize the screen sharing function to evaluate the letters to Santa as a group.

Team Building

Plan a meeting that isn’t really a meeting at all but rather a team-building exercise. A group cooking lesson with a professional chef is highly recommended! Allow the team to cost the items and share the recipe in advance to create a pleasant (and tasty) cooking experience for everyone.

Remember to pin or highlight the chef’s video. Other people may be mixing, editing, and chopping away. You don’t want their films to keep interrupting what the expert is teaching you.

Group Lunches

Send your colleagues a DoorDash or UberEats gift card and plan a long lunch if you’re simply looking for some time to interact outside of the regular business grind. Use the opportunity to chat about anything other than work, and invite coworkers to discuss their current Netflix binges, favorite Christmas movies, or upcoming fun activities or vacations.

Pro tip: Use screen sharing to show off everyone’s lunch selections, or just Share Computer Sound Only to play some Christmas jingles in the background while you eat.

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