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Cleaning Tips of the Home Spaces You Never Think Before

by Mark Zoe
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You might be thinking that you can’t keep your home clean on its every corner until you use a Roomba cleaner. It’s partly true. But, both Roombas and human beings sometimes miss some areas of your home. And it may result in your living spaces dirtiest and messy.

You can be amazed at only how dirty your home really is when you get a closer look from filthy ceiling fans to dirty appliances. That means without getting some complete cleaning services, it’s tough to feel happy with your dazzling new space.

Also, it reduces potential health hazards in your house. So, ensure finding out these hidden and ignored spots to keep your home clean as it should be without hiring “apartment cleaning services near me”. These may help you to process of getting a move or you just have made a move to a new home.

Ceiling Fans

It’s essentially great to start with leading spaces while you’re performing a deep clean of your home. In this way, start working from the top to your home’s bottom space. But, avoid using wipe down dust on top of just now cleaned areas. In this case, you can start from the upside to look at the ceiling fans.

You’ll most likely see the dirt sneaking over its blades if they’re tremendously dirty. Don’t forget to take enough cautions when you clean the ceiling fans. For example, before start working with your ceiling fans, ensure that you have switched off of them.

Also, wait for the moment when it gets fully stopped. Now, use a cleaner for all-purpose to wipe its blades and start from its inside to work outward of the blades.

Exhaust Fans of Kitchen & Bathroom

Another essential thing that you forget to clean is your exhaust fans. They’re good things to remove moisture from your kitchen and bathroom. Especially your bathroom gets moist after taking a shower.

And your kitchen becomes smelly after you cook a meal. But, they ignored or overlooked very often. The good thing about them is that exhaust fans of kitchen and bathroom need to clean for a time per year.

To clean these fans properly, first shut them off and then remove their cover. You can use a suitable vacuum attachment and vacuum until the dust comes out completely. Also, make a follow up cleaning using a microfiber cloth.

Curtains & Blinds

You might be not able to remember when you cleaned your blinds and curtains. If your answer is unknown then don’t feel very bad because most people forget or disregard these things.

In this case, you can use the attachment of upholstery with your vacuum. If you find stains on your curtains, use a sponge to treat the areas taking a mild detergent and warm water.

Now, sponge the areas gently and keep the detergent for a moment before you use a damp sponge. Although you should use cold water to wash your sheer curtains, don’t forget to read and follow the instructions of the clothing label.

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