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Can Dental Issues Cause Headaches?

When it comes to dental care and dental service near me, one of the biggest concerns for many people is that their dentist may cause their headaches. Dentistry can be very helpful in preventing headaches for some of us. 

But is there a chance that the dentist’s work could end up causing you or your loved one pain? Today we’re going to talk about some dental issues that may cause headaches.

3 Dental Issues May Causes Headache

Dental problems that may cause headaches include:

Aging teeth– If you have older teeth, they may become more susceptible to decay and gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss and pain.

Gum disease– When plaque builds up in your mouth over time, it can lead to gum disease and an increased risk of tooth loss. The bacteria that cause gum disease also produce a toxin when they die (a process called putrefaction).
This toxin can irritate the gums and cause pain when chewing or eating certain foods such as chocolate or nuts.

Toothache– If a tooth becomes infected with bacteria or is knocked out by an accident or infection, it can become inflamed or infected by an abscess from pus (abscesses are pus-filled sacs). 

Infected teeth can also break through their enamel coat and expose nerves.

dental services near me

5 Tips on Getting Rid of Headache Which Is Caused by Dental Issue

If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from headaches, you may wonder if your dental health could be to blame. Headaches can be caused by several different things, including stress, tension, and, yes, even dental issues. 

Here are five tips to help get rid of a headache caused by a dental issue:

  1. See your dentist– This may seem like an obvious first step, but it’s important to rule out any serious dental problems causing your headaches. Your dentist can look at your teeth and gums to ensure everything looks healthy.
  2. Check your jaw– If you have any pain or tenderness in your jaw, it could be causing your headaches. Try massaging your jaw or using a warm compress to see if that helps relieve the pain.
  3. Avoid clenching or grinding your teeth– This can put a lot of unnecessary stress on your teeth, leading to headaches. If you are clenching or grinding your teeth, try to relax your jaw and take breaks throughout the day.
  4. Manage your stress– Stress is a common trigger for headaches, so it’s important to find ways to manage it. This may include things like yoga, meditation, or simply taking some time for yourself each day to relax.
  5. See a doctor– If you’ve tried all of the above and are still experiencing headaches, it’s time to see a doctor. They can help rule out any other potential causes and help you find the best way to treat your headaches.


There you have it. Now you know that dental issues can cause headaches, and it is possible to feel worse when you experience a headache. 

If you were wondering if you had a headache for another reason, that could be possible, but what if you have a headache because of your dental issue? 

Well, it is also possible. So, I would suggest you consult with a dental service near me after that if you still feel headache, don’t forget to contact a doctor.