Broken Health Care System – How to Fix?

We asked readers for their ideas, which include Medicare for All, price transparency, limits on interventions for the terminally ill and emphasis on preventive care.

Broken Health Care System - How to Fix?

The main problem with our health care system is that it is, at every level, profit-driven, from the doctor’s office to the drug companies to the hospital. And no matter how you get insurance, through the Affordable Care Act or your employer, they’re in the business of denying service to improve profitability.

No one should be getting rich off people’s misery. While doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies need to get paid for their services, C.E.O.’s shouldn’t be making nine-digit salaries while patients suffer. The only solution is universal, nonprofit health care for all. Is that Medicare for All, or something different? I’m not sure, but most other industrialized modern countries provide health care as a basic right.