Best Student Phone Plans to Save Some Money

Smartphones are must-have for the students, especially for college students. You’ll find many students don’t like to use their family plan for the restriction. But, they also get puzzled thinking which deals are perfect for them. This is because it’s sometimes confusing to find out the best deals to save some money. The other issue is that all cell plans are not cheap. Also, it relates some other things like the cost of your phone and the plan cost per month. Every cell phone company comes with some different monthly plans and it’s difficult to choose the perfect one for you at times. So, continue reading on because we’re here to help you get the best student phone plans like Telstra student plans in the simple way.

What are the Best Plans for College Students?

You’ll find a lot of cell phone plans for the students of studying in the United States. From the early of 2010, the cost of the cell phone deals has started decreasing. This is the result of competition between the cell phone operators. That’s why students have much more options to choose their best plan. In addition, some cell phone companies offer special discounts for students. Well, let’s know about some student plans that may allow you some saving.

Simple Mobile

This is a prepaid mobile operator and offers a small monthly that starts from just $25. Students have the option to automatic recharge with some saving every month. With the $25 monthly plan, you’ll get unlimited calling and texting with high-speed data up to 1 GB. But, you can get the taste of truly unlimited if you choose $60 plan.


You can’t leave FreedomPop if you’re in search of great price. For example, they offer 200 airtime minutes as a free plan. It includes 500 MB high-speed data and 500 text messages every month. This free plan is good enough for the students for this time where a lot of apps are routed. In addition, they offer 4 GB monthly pack as well as per MB 1.5 cent plan for the prepaid users.


Another great company to offer quality mobile phone services at an affordable cost. This is a great option for students with a tight budget. They offer the lowest plans for a month that starts at just $15. Moreover, you’ll get the most of this $15 like calling, texting, and browsing as well. If you don’t need unlimited call and text you can take this plan.

Total Wireless

This provider offers a 35-dollar monthly plan that’s combined with unlimited call, text, plus you’ll get 5 GB free data. It could be your best options if you’re an international student. Moreover, you can buy a data card for $10 if you need more data.

Bottom Lines

There are some other operators who also offer robust plans for their student, for example, Verizon is best among them. Also, you can get the best student phone plans if you use the Republic Verizon.