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If you’re reading this and have no idea what the latest home automation gadgets are, let me explain. Home automation gadgets are the remote or automated control and usage of household appliances. Your home will resemble a robot, and your smartphone will control everything. Wouldn’t that make your life so much easier?

However, the issue is that automation makes you lazy. Also, there are safety and privacy issues related to automation. 

Let’s look at why you shouldn’t rely on home automation gadgets.

1. Health Issues

  • Becoming Lazy

It is a short word for “laziness.” Isn’t it? But this short word can do a big dangerous thing in your life. However, Home automation is an excellent method to save time and energy. You don’t need to do anything but a smart mobile phone to control everything.

Is it good or bad? What do you think? It is a great way to become a lazier person. 

You may now be thinking that you will never change after automating your home with smart gadgets. You will do physical activities as always, but unknowingly, you will be lazy day by day because you are keeping your body rest at home and doing everything with a click. 

  • Weight Gain

Gaining weight is a common issue worldwide because everything is now easy as water. Besides, home automation systems can be harmful to those who work at home. Work an automated home causes gaining weight. 

Your house will be a robot after installing a home automation system. That’s why you will have a habit of doing every work with one click day by day. After that, your body will not allow you to do anything like physical activities except rest. 

People like getting rest even I do the same. If I don’t do any physical activities, my fit body may turn into an unhealthy body. No matter what, I do exercise. I also work at home and don’t use any automation gadgets. 

  • Sickness

Home automation gadgets are very useful but allowing your body to do house chores is a good exercise for your body. People want to save their energy and time; they prefer automation gadgets to control their homes with a click.

But, it doesn’t mean that you should not do physical activities to stay fit and healthy. However, People are getting sick because of smart gadgets. They face so different types of illnesses such as diabetes, heart issues, damaging kidneys, gas, and so on. 

So, what should you do to stay fit and healthy and prevent illness? Do hard work and physical activities, and avoid automation systems if you work at home.

2. Security System

  • App Security

Most smart home gadgets come with companion applications that may be used to control them. They are given a set of rights that affect the device’s operation, such as the ability to open and shut a smart lock that secures your house.

If hackers obtain access to these applications, they will be able to manage entry to your house, which might have serious security concerns.

3. Cost

  • Extremely Expensive 

While many smart home gadgets are now accessible to most people, completely automation a house with smart devices is still prohibitively costly. In fact, you will not get as security as you want or need. So, it is a waste of money and a reason for illness. 

So, are the best home automation gadgets waste of money? It depends on how you live and what kind of person you are.

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