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3 Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying A Pillow

by Mark Zoe
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When you’re at a hotel or at a friend’s home, you’ll be more concerned with the pillow than the mattress or linens. You may feel uncomfortable with a pillow for many reasons. Maybe, it’s too soft, too flimsy, or too comfortable (yeah, your complaints may be illogical)!

Unfortunately, no pillow is ideal for everyone. There are personal aspects to consider: hardness, size, and substance are the most important, and that’s already a lot to consider. Also, the “head feel,” which is similar to “hand feel” for textiles or “mouth feel” for food!

Before you go out and try to buy the best bed pillows, bear the following points in mind:

#1. Learn about the materials.

While there are many different kinds of pillows to select from, the most essential factor is the fill. The following are the main distinctions between the most popular options:

  • Although down pillows are the fluffiest, a mix of down and feather pillows may be firmer and less costly.
  • Down substitute pillows may still be comfortable and supportive. Still, they’re typically constructed with synthetic fill, making them less expensive than down pillows.
  • Memory foam pillows are thicker and typically stiffer than traditional pillows. You may select between solid memory foam and memory foam clusters, softer while still providing foam support.
  • Latex pillows have a similar sensation to memory foam pillows; however, they are more bouncy and have less contouring. Another distinction is that latex foam is usually derived from rubber trees.
  • Hybrid pillows combine foam and fiberfill to provide the best of both worlds: support and plushness.

#2. Check to see whether it’s the correct height.

There is no such thing as a universal cushion. Your head and neck should be aligned when you lay down, with no tilting in any direction. You’ll need to consider your body size and sleeping habits. Here’s how to figure out what height you should be:

  • Body type: People with larger frames should choose a higher cushion, while those with smaller frames should use something flatter. Something in the middle may be used for medium frames.
  • Sleep position: Side sleepers need a firmer, taller cushion, while stomach sleepers require a softer, lower pillow. Back sleepers (or anybody who changes positions during the night) should choose a pillow in the centre.

You may also look for unique features in certain pillows, such as cooling qualities if you tend to overheat or adapt to customize the hardness and height.

#3. Take into account any recent health changes.

Physical changes (such as weight fluctuation, new aches and pains, or other changes in your body as you age) influence the kind of support you need. Consider replacing your old pillow with something new if it’s no longer comfortable.

Don’t forget to follow the directions. Check the care label before buying a bed pillow to be sure you’re washing it the way it’s supposed to be washed. If you wash your pillow two to four times a year and use a pillow cover to keep it clean and protected from use, it will last longer.

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